After you have finished watching the video above, please download the worksheet below and fill it out. You aren't turning this in, so feel free to be honest and reflect. 


Being a great communicator is key to becoming a busy lash artist. Clients love coming back to see lash artists who are enjoyable to be around. Here are some great videos with conversational techniques to try with your clients. Click titles below to play. 

7 tips to improve your communication skills

Science of Likability

Below are some recommended books that every lash artist who wants to connect authentically with their clients may want to read. Continuous growth and learning will set you apart from the rest. Being an avid reader gives you a huge advantage in business ownership and your ability to connect and relate to clients and those around you. 


How you answer the phone and speak to clients or potential clients could be the difference between a booked schedule and one with tumbleweeds rolling through it. So often, clients call lash studios and hear an unfriendly and aggressive sounding person on the other line and often, they won't finish the booking.


The biggest mistake I see lash artists make when answering the phone is saying, "hello?".

How would you react as a client if your lash artist answered this way? You may think you have the wrong number and have not reached a business, right?

Here is your phone answering formula_ 1.

Watch this video to learn more about phone conversation and answering techniques.


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Quiz yourself! 

Answer the questions below and then check your answers by clicking the down arrow next to it. Just a reminder...there is a final exam at the end of this course and in order to receive your certificate, you will need to pass it. Re-watch the video and re-read the information above if you didn't pass the quiz below.  

Q1: What should you do with your mouth while talking to clients on the phone?


Q2: What does gossiping about your other client to your current client cause?

When you gossip about another client to a current client, your current client loses trust in you because if you are willing to gossip about your other client, they may think you will also gossip about them. Gossip is an icky habit that can really limit your potential for growth. Kick this habit in the butt before it bites you in the butt!

​Q3: Why is being reliable and on-time important to your success?

The quick way to lose clients is to reschedule on them frequently or show up late. Their time, like yours, is valuable. If you prove unreliable, there are many more lash artists out there who would be happy to serve your clients instead. Always plan to arrive early and try not to reschedule clients as much as possible.

Q4: What should you say when you answer your business phone?

When someone calls, say, "Hello, your business name, this is your name, how can I help?" (say this with a smile on your face)


What was the most interesting thing you learned in this section?

Why do you think great communication is important as a lash artist?

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