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Eyelash Extension Application Course
Client Aftercare

Your client's lash extensions will last much longer (happier clients) if you instruct them about how to care for their new lashes. Oftentimes, lash artists will only instruct clients on aftercare during their first appointment but clients forget or mishear all the time. Go over aftercare at each appointment in order to have the most satisfied clients. 

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Lash Retention & Aftercare Tips:


Facials & Lash Extensions

  • The steam and oils in facials can affect eyelash extension retention.

  • If you offer facials, do the facial before the lash application. 

  • Ask your client if they plan to get a facial within a week of the lash application. Let them know getting a facial after a lash appointment may affect their retention so they are not surprised or place the blame on you. 


  • During your initial intake session, ask clients if they tend to be "pickers." Do they pick at scabs, pimples, and/or their mascara? If so, inform them that if they pick at their extensions, not only will the extensions come out, but they will also likely put stress on the hair follicle and do damage to their natural lashes. 


  • Mascaras have oil in them which can loosen the bond of the glue, mascara will cause extensions to fall out sooner. 

  • Additionally, mascara is hard to clean off lash extensions, making the cleaning process more aggressive, which will also cause extensions to fall off. 

  • Some clients will end up wearing mascara no matter what you advise. In that case, ask those clients to deep clean their lashes prior to the appointment so that you are not spending the first 30 minutes of the appointment trying to get the mascara off. 

Lash Curler

  • The lash extensions come pre-curled and do not lose their curl so there is no need for a lash curler. 

  • If the client wants a curlier lash, put on a curlier lash extension (such as D curl). 

Oil & Lash Glue

  • ALL...let me repeat this...ALL lash glues (regardless of their advertising) cannot win the fight against oil. Oil, whether natural body oils or cosmetic oils will break down the glue bond between the eyelash and the extension. 

Washing Lashes

  • Keeping the lashes clean by using a lash extension specific cleanser is one of the best ways to retain lashes. 

  • If a client does not wash their lashes daily...what happens?

    • Eye buggers cake up at the base of the lash...this pops off the extension. ​

    • Natural and artifical oils compromise the lash glue. 

    • The client has a higher liklihood of having an allergic reaction. 

    • It takes a lot longer for you to clean their lashes at the beginning of the appointment...wasting valuable time and money.

Back Sleeping

  • Clients who sleep on their back tend to have much better retention because their extensions are not smushed into the pillow all night. 

  • Putting a pillow under the knees at night can help someone retrain themselves to sleep on their back.  


  • Removing lash extensions is best done by you or another lash artist. Clients trying to remove their own may cause damage to their natural lashes. 

Reflection Questions: 

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