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Eyelash Lift/Perm Course
Client Aftercare & FAQs

Should a client remove their contact lenses prior to the service? 

Yes.​ If the client were to get any solution in their eyes, the contacts could make it harder to flush out quickly. 

What should a client do to prepare for the service?

Before the visit, if a client normally wears contact lenses, they will want to remove them and wear eyeglasses instead.

They will also want to make sure that their eyelids and lashes are clean: They should be completely free of makeup or residue — this includes mascara and the oils that some makeup removers leave behind. They should have all waterproof mascara removed beforehand as waterproof mascara may minimize the effectiveness of the lift solution. 

If a client feels claustrophobic easily, should they get this service?

It may make this service a bit more difficult for the client as they must have their eyes closed throughout the entire service. Some clients who easily get claustrophobic can have a panic attack. If you notice the client acting anxious before the service, it is recommended that you inform them that you don't recommend the service for them today as the service may increase their anxiety. 

Is a patch test required?

It is highly recommended that you patch test the solutions you will be using behind the client’s ear or in the elbow crease at least 24 hours prior. If any reaction occurs, do not perform teh service. 

How long after the service should a client wait to get their lashes wet?

Most lash lift solutions allow you to get your lashes wet immediately but it is recommended you wait for at least 24-hours to use hot water on your lashes. 

Can a client wear mascara after this service?

Absolutely! Although, we recommend you wait at least 24 hours post-service to apply mascara. The application of mascara on still malleable lashes can cause them to straighten out.  

How long should a client wait between lash lift services? 

We recommend that a client does not get another lash lift for at least 6-weeks after the last service. Getting a lash lift too soon may result in over-processing and “fried” lashes. These look very bad so don't risk it! 

Is lash lift solution FDA-approved? 

No, they are not currently approved. Most states do regulate what licenses are required in order to perform this service. Make sure you are properly licensed for this service before performing. 

How long does the service take to complete? 

Usually between 45-60 minutes if you include a lash tint as well and it is 30-45 minutes without. 

If a client is allergic to eyelash extensions, does that mean they will be allergic to a lash lift as well? 

A lot of clients who find themselves allergic to eyelash extensions switch to getting lash lifts instead. Eyelash extensions use a different product with different ingredients than a lash lift, so it is not definite that you would. If you were allergic to the undereye pads or tape used during the eyelash extension service, please let the lash lift artist know.

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