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Eyelash Lift/Perm Course
Setting-up before the

It is very important to make sure your hands, tools, and work areas are properly sanitized and disinfected. Please refer to your state and country’s laws to ensure you are sanitizing in accordance with their requirements.


Hand Hygiene

The human eye is an extremely sensitive area requiring absolutely sterile conditions before you begin working. 



After properly sanitizing and disinfecting your lash tools. Store them in a clean tub with a lid or in a sanitary dental pouch to keep them ready for use.    



Between clients, always clean your workstation with disinfectant wipes and spray the entire station with rubbing alcohol.  


Hands need to be washed with every service and hand sanitizer should be used before every application.

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Let’s start with the instruments. You are going to be using both disposable instruments and re-usable instruments. This is very important, as you would never want a client to leave your studio with an eye infection. It can be tempting to reuse disposable items to save money but it is really important that you do not. If this is a concern, raise your price a few dollars to cover the disposable items.



Sanitizing Products

Disposable instruments (never reuse tools to save money): 

Non-disposable instruments: 

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How to sanitize non-disposable items:

  • Wash tools with antibacterial soap and water to remove all debris by hand or with an ultrasonic cleaner (buy on Amazon here)

  • Soak in barbicide and water mixture for 10 minutes. Follow dilution directions on bottle. (buy on Amazon here)

  • Rinse with water

  • Let air dry on a clean towel or dry with a clean paper towel

  • Store in clean tupperware or sanitary dental pouch (buy on Amazon here)

Alternatively, you can invest in an autoclave and/or UV sterilizer.

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We have now dealt with instruments and know just how important it is to maintain hygiene when handling them. But your client also needs to lie down somewhere for the eyelash lift application procedure. A flat massage bed or esthetician bed works just great for this since you have to work at the top end. This naturally needs optimal positioning in terms of visibility and strict hygiene to be maintained. To keep the bed protected from contaminating effects (e.g. dirty shoes) it is advised to keep some shoe covers handy or ask the client to remove their shoes.

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Since eyelash lifting takes about 45 minutes, roll a towel or buy a lash pillow and place it under the client’s nape for her comfort in the lying down position. This, in fact, makes your work a little easier, since it makes the head tilt down a little and provides you with better access to the eyelashes, thereby aiding you at work. 


Between clients, wipe down the entire station with an antibacterial wipe, lint roll the bed, spray the entire bed, and anything that was touched with rubbing alcohol. Once sterilized, place a clean towel over the head region of the bed and/or a disposable sheet over the entire bed.


A clean bed and fresh towels are indispensable!

Remove all stray hairs from the bed with a lint roller. 



Clients trust well-groomed and clean lash stylists. Your clothes need to be spotlessly clean, neat, and tidy. If you have long hair then you should tie it up so it doesn’t fall in the client’s face. 


Be very conscious of your hands. Your nails should always be short as long nails both carry bacteria, could poke the client, and make it harder to work quickly with the lash lift tool. Your nails should also look groomed; manicured and be disinfected. After all, your hands touch your client’s face. Even if you use disposable gloves (which you discard after use) they need to be disinfected before application. The same rules apply as with the instruments. Your hands are work instruments and carry bacteria and diseases.


And while on the topic of hands, safe and proper application requires absolutely steady hands.



What can cause shaky hands? Caffeine! 


If you have downed two cups of coffee before application it is really hard to have the kind of steady hands required to deliver safe precise work. While performing a lash lift service, you are working with products around the client’s eyes. Unsteady hands are very unsafe during the application process. 


Fresh breath is an absolute must! Eating pork and onions or smoking before a service might not be a great idea. You don’t want to blow those smells in your client’s face. This is a sure way to send them looking for a new lash artist! 


Grooming, clean, disinfected hands and fresh breath are a must for stylists. Stay away from coffee, alcohol, and cigarettes before an application session and always wear a mask!

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