Although a client could just let their lash extensions grow and naturally fall out, it is usually best for the client to have them professionally removed.


Why? Because as the lashes grow out past 4 weeks, they don't look good anymore and clients may start pulling them out. This may cause lash damage.  

You will also need to remove grown-out lash extensions when the client comes in for their re-lash/fill every 2-3 weeks. You will remove any grown out lashes and then apply new fresh lashes. 


How to remove all the lash extensions with cream lash removing solution (gel removal solution is not safe as it can get into the client’s eye easily). When performing this service, ALWAYS have an eye rinse ready for eye flushing in case any solution gets into the client's eyes. If this solution gets into the client's eyes, they could suffer a chemical burn of the eyeball.  



1. The client removes contact lenses (if applicable...leaving them in could be dangerous if the solution got into the client's eyes). 

2. Apply under eye pads to protect the client's skin from the solution. 


3. Ask the client to close their eyes for the entire service. 


4. Apply the cream remover to the entire lash with a microfiber wand or eyeshadow brush. 

5. Put a piece of plastic food wrap around the lashes. 

6. Let sit for 5-10 minutes. Check-in with the client frequently and ask if anything is stinging. 


​7. Pinch down and pull the plastic food wrap off the lashes. 


8. Clean lashes with this gentle lash cleanser.  


9. Flush eyes with a saline solution if the client experiences any burning. 

10. Ask the client to open their eyes. If any burning persists, flush the eyes continuously until it is completely gone. 

Watch the demonstration will play in a loop so watch it a few times. 

Here is another method without the plastic wrap...

Screen Shot 2020-07-11 at 12.31.15

If any remover gets into the client's eyes or on their skin, follow the procedure below...



When a client comes in for their re-lash/fill appointment every 2-3 weeks, some of their lash extensions will be very grown-out and will need to be removed before you start applying fresh lash extensions. This part of the lash extension application process is sometimes pretty challenging for new lash artists. Pay close attention to this part and practice many times on your mannequin before you try this on a real person. If you don't do this part correctly, you may pull on your client's natural lash causing a sharp pain or pulling the natural lash out completely. Ouch!

First, what does a grown-out lash look like?


You will want to remove grown-out lashes like the one above so the extension doesn't turn and poke your client in the eye. During a re-lash or fill appointment, don't remove grown-out lashes with the cream or gel remover because the new lashes you apply may fall off soon after the appointment. Instead, use the "banana peel" method to remove these grown-out lashes. 

NOTE: You probably won't remove all the grown-out lashes at each re-lash/fill appointment...just the ones really grown-out. 

Banana Peel Method

  • Firmly, but carefully grip the client’s natural lash in your tweezers, careful to not pull on them.

  • Using your other tweezers, peel the natural lash away from the extension. You can also grip the extension and peel the natural lash away, again, being careful to not yank on your client.

EXERCISE (1).png

Quiz yourself! 

Answer the questions below and then check your answers by clicking the down arrow next to it. Just a reminder...there is a final exam at the end of this course and in order to receive your certificate, you will need to pass it. Re-watch the video and re-read the information above if you didn't pass the quiz below.  

Q1: What should you do if any remover solution gets in your client's eyes?

Remove as much solution as possible ane begin flushing repeatedly with water or saline solution until the burning subsides.

Q2: Why should a client have their lash extensions professionally removed when they are finished having them?

As the lash extensions grow out past 4 weeks, they tend to look pretty bad and then clients tend to pull on them. When they do this, they can pull the natural lash out which causes lash damage.

Q3: Why do you remove the grown-out lash extensions at re-lash/fill appointments?

So the grown-out lashes won't turn and poke the client in the eye. It also makes the fresh new lash fill look prettier and cleaner.


Once you try this on your mannequin, share how you did in the space below...

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