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Course Sections

Listed below are the course sections assigned to you by your trainer. Please complete each section before taking the final exam. 

Book on Table

Download Your Training Manual

Download and print your training manual. 


History of Lash Enhancement

Welcome to a fascinating history class! The long and sometimes weird history of long eyelashes. 

Vision Exam

Preparing Your Body

Having great eyesight, steady hands, and a healthy back are incredibly important. 

Eyebrow Shaping

Client Communication

Being a great communicator is key to becoming a busy lash artist. Clients love coming back to see lash artists who are enjoyable to be around.

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Lash Hair Anatomy

As the client's natural lash grows (just like head hair grows), the extension grows with it and if too much time passes in-between appointments, the lash extensions may turn and poke the client in the eye.

Screen Shot 2020-07-08 at 5.40.45 PM.png

Product Knowledge

It is important to understand the products and tools you may choose to use to apply eyelash extensions. 


Allergies and Reactions

Just as every client’s eyelashes are different, client reactions to certain products may be different as well. Allergies and sensitivities differ from client to client.


Lash Mapping and Styling

Designing a beautiful lash set starts with creating a plan and creating a lash map. 

Rubber Gloves


It is very important to make sure your hands, tools, and work areas are properly sanitized and disinfected. Please refer to your state and country’s laws to ensure you are sanitizing in accordance with their requirements.

Makeup Artist

Part 1: Practicing on Your Mannequin

Now it is time to start practicing on your mannequin head. 

Makeup Artist

Part 2: Practicing on Your Mannequin

Continue practicing on your mannequin head. 

Artificial Lashes

Practicing on a Live Model

Are you ready? Now, it is time to start practicing on friends and family. 

Long Lashes

Lash Extension Removal

Learn how to remove lash extensions when your client is ready. 

Filling Out a Medical Form

Emergency Protocols

Knowing what to do for an eye emergency can save valuable time and possibly prevent vision loss.

Online Class

Final Exam

Now that you have completed all the sections, it is time to take the final exam. 

Business Discussion

FREE Bonus: Lash Business Bundle 


-13-Step Lash Business Decision Making Worksheet

-Lash and Brow Menu Templates

-Eyelash Extension Consent Form 

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