Once you have practiced on the mannequin head and completed and removed at least five full-sets, it is time to start practicing on a real person. This is a big responsibility because you are working near someone's eyes so please do not practice on a real person until you are very comfortable on the mannequin head. You're going to follow all the same steps as you have with the mannequin head. 


1. Set-up your sanitstation. You will need: a lash tray, lash glue, two microfiber wands, a mascara wand, lash cleanser, witch hazel, under-eye pads, micropore tape, double-sided tape, a glue ring, an isolation tweezer, and an application tweezer. 

2. Cut your lash strips if not already cut. 

3. Clean the lashes and eyelid with the foaming lash cleanser. Make sure you only use a cleanser formulated for the eye area. 

4. Rinse the eyes. Turn the client's head to one side and rinse with water (you could also use saline solution). Put a tissue at the temple to catch excess water. You don't want the water to get into their ears because that doesn't feel good. 

5. Prime the lashes with witch hazel. You can buy it here on Amazon if you don't have any.


6. Cut slits into the eye pads. This helps the eye pads fit each client's eye shape better. Once eye pads are opened in the package, they must be used right away because the sticky stuff on the back of the eye pad will dry out.  


7.  Apply the eye pads. You will want to make sure you cover all the bottom lashes. 

8. Use the micropore tape to pull the eyelid gently towards you so it is easier to see the lashes. 

9. Put a piece of gauze or cloth on the client's forehead to protect their skin from your hands. 

10. Write your lash map on your lash map stickers and apply them. 

11. Put double-sided tape onto your glove. Position it so it is on your non-dominate hand and in line with your pointer finger knuckle. Watch the video to see positioning. 

12. Open your sanitary pouch containing your sanitized tweezers. 

13. Pull off a lash strip portions and put on your glove on top of the double-sided tape. Press the base of the lash strip into the glove so it is nicely stuck on there. 

14. Stretch out your glue ring (so it doesn't cut off your circulation), and put onto either your thumb or pointer finger on the non-dominate hand. 

15. Shake your glue with the cap on. 

16. Hover and drop glue into your glue ring. 

17. Wipe your glue lid with a glue wipe or a paper towel. Don't use a tissue because it will get stuck to the tip of the glue bottle. 

18. Put the glue lid back on tight. 

19. Apply eyelash extensions. Apply one on the left eye, and then one on the right eye. Continue in this pattern back and forth to ensure an equal amount of fullness on each eye. As you are practicing, try to apply extensions to at least 50% of the natural lashes. 

20. Dry the lashes with a fan. 

21. Go one-by-one through all the lashes to check for any "stickies". "Stickies" is a common lash artist term meaning, lash extensions stuck together. 

22. Mist lashes with the nano mister for a few seconds on each eye. 

23. Brush the lashes. Only ever brush lash extensions that have already been cured. If you brush uncured lashes, the lash extensions may get stuck together, creating "stickies". 

24. Gently remove under eye pads. 

25. Before the client opens their eyes, check to make sure the top lashes are not stuck to the bottom lashes. 

26. Ask the client to open their eyes. If anything is stinging their eyes, mist the lashes again with the nano mister. 

Quiz yourself! 

Answer the questions below and then check your answers by clicking the down arrow next to it. Just a reminder...there is a final exam at the end of this course and in order to receive your certificate, you will need to pass it. Re-watch the video and re-read the information above if you didn't pass the quiz below.  

Q1: Why do you stretch out the glue ring before you put it on?

So it doesn't cut off your circulation.

Q2: What do you do after you drop glue into the glue ring?

Wipe your glue lid and put the cap back on.

Q3: What do you prime the lashes with?

Witch hazel

Q4: Why do you prime the lashes?

It removes excess oil from the natural lashes.

Q5: Why do you cut slits into the eye pads?

So they form to the unique eye shape of the client easier.

​Q6: Why do you cut the lash strips before you begin?

So that you have single-use strips. NEVER, EVER, EVER reuse a lash strip on multiple clients. This could cause an infection in a client's eye and they could possibly sue you. This is a bad industry practice. Always cut your lash strips as show in the video and throw out any remaining lashes at the end of the service.

Q7: What is the order to remember when you apply eyelash extensions?

Isolate Pick-up lash off the strip Dip lash in glue Apply to natural lash

Q8: Why should you apply one lash to the left and one to the right and switch again?

This ensures you are applying the same amount of lashes to each eye. We do not recommend applying lashes to one eye completely and then to the other eye.

EXERCISE (1).png


At this point, how comfortable do you feel practicing on a real-life person?

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