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STEPS 1 & 2 


If this is the client's first time getting a lash lift, tell your client what you are doing at each step. This tends to help them feel calmer, trust you, and see you as a professional. 


  • Step 1: Clean lashes with foaming lash cleanser and cotton swabs

    • Airdry or dry the lashes with a fan before the client opens their eyes because wet lashes don't feel very comfortable for most clients. 

    • Ask the client if anything is burning or stinging before proceeding. You will be asking this a lot during the service. Remember, never ignore burning or stinging. 


  • Step 2: Apply micropore tape or gel pads under the eyes

    • Make sure 100% of bottom lashes are covered so you don’t accidentally perm them up. If you accidentally perm the bottom lashes up, you may have a very unhappy client. 

    • Ask the client not to open eyes until you say it is okay because you don't want any products to get in their eyes during the service. 



Touch your client's temples with the side of your hand before you touch the client's eye area so they have a heads-up and aren't startled when you touch them. Remember, their eyes are closed and if you are coming towards their face without a "warning touch", you may startle them, and they may experience the feeling of anxiety. 

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